May Tango Festival is, above all, industrial spaces of monuments of technology. But not only! 🙂

In the evenings, we invite you to the impressive and raw spaces of the Former Markownia of the “Ludwik” Mine, and at the end of the festival we will descend as much as 320 meters below under the ground to the historic Guido Mine!
We will also dance at the Majowa Szkoła Tańca, in the charming Zabrzański Gościniec with delicious food, as well as in the open air!


Former Markownia of the “Ludwik” Coal Mine
Hagera 43, Zabrze

Historic Guido Coal Mine
3 Maja 93,  Zabrze

Majowa Dance School
Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 35,  Zabrze

Zabrzański Gościniec
aleja Bohaterów Monte Cassino 9,  Zabrze

Start of underground Water Route
Mochnackiego 12, Zabrze

Nowy Theather  and Theather Square
plac Teatralny 1,  Zabrze

The square with Pstrowski monument
3 Maja 16,  Zabrze

Former Markownia of the “Ludwik” Coal Mine

The heart and proud of the May Tango Festival, the main venue.
Look how it present by night!
​​The silesian heart. The industrial heart.
A raw space filled with electric atmosphere of tango, a mixture of closeness, intimacy and passion, filled with emotions.
The huge amount of work of many people makes it an even more special place during the festival!
From the very first edition – it’s the home of the May Tango Festival.
Photos by Tango Photography / m.frames

Historic Guido Coal Mine

Ladies and gentlemen – our cherry on top! For the Sunday Farewell Milonga, we will move 320 meters under the ground!
Pride of Zabrze – Historic Guido Coal Mine!
And there’ll wait for us two beautifull halls. The Concert Hall and The Pump Hall.
Two halls and two faces of the milonga!
In the main hall – traditional milonga, in Pump Hall – under the starry sky of industrial lamps – nuevo party for the end of the festival.
And to top it all off – a bar and bistro with the appropriate name Level 320 wait for you!
Photos by Tango Photography / m.frames

Majowa Dance School

Majowa Szkoła Tańca is a well-known and popular place on the dance map of Silesia. There are various dance and gymnastic classes at the school, but there is no denying that our gem is the Tango Argentino.

The founder of the school is Maja Kucharska, who gathers people with passion around her and does not let them leave school without smiles on their faces.

Workshops with the best tango instructors, milongas, dance parties and special events are regularly held at the school, and for several years – the May Tango Festival.

Photos by Tango Photography / m.frames

Zabrzański Gościniec

Zabrzański Gościniec is our friendly place, where tango is held several times a year in the interiors of a beautiful Art Nouveau building.

The atmosphere here is perfect for afternoon milongas. There is a terrace and delicious food.
We are very happy that we will be able to dance in these beautiful interiors again!

Photos by Elżbieta Petryka and Sona Komarkova

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