Concert and performances

Live music and tango performances on the stage of the Teatr Nowy in Zabrze.
“Boskie Buenos, czyli Majowe Tango”!

Nowadays, when you can only dream of travelling, and a visit to Buenos Aires seems as unreal as a flight into space, we invited a part of Buenos to Zabrze.
Performed by Argentinean musicians and dancers as well as the best Polish dancers, we will taste tango - the most classical one, sung and danced in the streets of Argentina, as well as Polish tangos performed by an Argentine orchestra. Is tango really a lovers' quarrel? Or maybe a longing for love, left to the homeland, imbued with nostalgia and delicacy?
Many myths have arisen around tango. One thing is for sure - it will be touching and beautiful.
We cordially invite you to a concert combined with tango performances!

Argentinean Tango Orchestra La SanLuisTango

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Luciano Torres Duvall – bandoneon
José Duvall – guitar
Juan Sebastian Vasallo – piano
Lina Carvajal – Flauta – transverse flute
Nahuel Ignacio – bass guitar
Javier Duvall – vocal

Sara Grdan & Ivan Terrazas (Croatia / Argentina)

Magdalena Myszka & Dawid Samaniego (Poland / Argentina)

Patrycja Cisowska – Grzybek & Jakub Grzybek (Poland)

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Price: 60 PLN  /  15 €
Tickets are sold by an e-mail and by phone. Please, contact us and make a reservation:
→  535 299 316
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