Sexteto El Cucharón is a group formed by Piotr Łyszkiewicz- a saxophonist, a music producer and a tanguero.
The band also includes two members who is related with tango not only because of music, but also because of dancing and teaching- one of them is a vocalist Ula Wojtkowiak and a double bass player Jan Woźniak.
What is more, the members of project are: a representative of "Cracovian school of accordion", a virtuoso Bogusław Zięba, a composer and a pianist, fiery Agnieszka Szczepaniak and a muse, a violinist Nela Zaforemska.

The band will perform traditional pieces of Argentinian tango in arrangements of gold tango orchestras and their own.
Sexteto El Cucharon's music is characterized by an original sound. A strong and moving sound of a soprano and tenor saxophone has been added to the traditional sound of tango.

The concert will take the form of a trditional tandas to dance with cortinas played by the band.

See you very soon!

The Sexteto El Cucharón concert will take place on the sunday evening milonga at 22:30.
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