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Bandonegro Tango Orquesta

Bandonegro Tango Orquesta is the best rising tango orchestra in the world. It is characterized by a brand new sound that it brings to the world of the traditional Argentine Tango. The Orquesta was created in 2010 in Poland and instantly gained national and international recognition. An important milestone in the band’s history was winning the first prize during 2011 International Competition “PIF Castelfidardo” in Italy (the Astor Piazzolla category).

In the last few years, Bandonegro has taken part in the most important tango events in Poland and performed during the most renowned tango festivals, such as: Nurnberg Tango Festival, Stockholm Tango Festival, Recuerdo Tango Festival Warsaw or Margarita Tango Festival.

The band consists of four magnificent musicians of the young generation. Owing to their passion, perfect sense of style and intense personalities, they create an atmosphere that instantly takes the audience to the colourful Buenos Aires tango clubs. Orquesta focuses on the traditional tango, but also welcomes the whole world of the dance tango “para bailar”.

The band’s repertoire, coupled with their passion and experience, can make any tanguero feel like they want to move their feet. Bandonegro plays pieces of such artists as Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Juan D’ Arienzo or Carlos Di Sarli, which were performed by the best orchestras of the Golden Age of Tango, and Polish tangos by Jerzy Petersburski or Mieczysław Fogg.

All the pieces have been carefully chosen in such a way as to be understandable and perfectly suited to dance at milongas.

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