Sona Komarkova

I've been a tango photographer for few years now and I do it with a great love and enthusiasm. I dance tango in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Poland is the very special for me. I've got many friends here and I really like to dance here. For taking photos, I always try to find bright places on dark milongas. I'm looking for emotions. I really like to say that I'm dancing with a couple - even if it sounds inappropriate. 🙂 I am very happy to be a photographer on the May Tango Festival.
You can find my photos here!

Magda Woźniak

Tango Photography / m.frames

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved to take photos. I dreamed of combining my passions since I entered the world of tango and I started to dance. Although I couldn't convince myself to start for a long time,  I finally decided to publish my first tango photography. Of course, as I would expect, I immediately came to adore this!
I'm charmed by beauty of people during the dance, their rich facial expressions and enormous layers of emotions inside the dance hall. It's really amazing how vivid and subtle gestures can be in the same time. I become a silent observer and do my best to capture all this moments. Capture them in detail, but also in the wider context. My goal is to reflect the character and atmosphere of the place and to show an event as a whole. I just want you to imagine that you're there or you want to go back when you're watching the album. 🙂
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Enjoy! 🙂