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Expiry date:
17.02.2023, 18:00 - 31.03.2023, 18:00
A submission date is equivalent to the date of sending a registration form.

Photo by Tango Photography / m.frames

Milonga passes


4 evening milongas with Maestro's performances and live music
(Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

75 €


3 afternoon milongas (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
4 evening milongas with performances and live music
(Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

115 €

Single milongas tickets

Saturday / Sunday:  Breakfast Milonga
Friday / Saturday / Sunday:  Afternoon Milonga
13 €
Thursday:  Evening Opening Milonga
16 €
Friday:  Evening Milonga with the performance!
25 €
Saturday:  Evening Milonga with performances & live music!
30 €
Sunday:  Evening Double Underground Milonga with the Maestros Ronda!
25 €



Single Workshop
(below 6 classes)

28 €


package of 3 classes

26 € / workshop


Single Workshop
in a package of 6 classes and more

24 €

The terms of a payment and a cancellation policy

Payment is spread over 2 installments.
1st installment (60%) - within 14 days from the confirmation of registration.
2nd installment - until 31.03.
In the case of the registration after 31.03 the payment is payable in full.

Cancellation by participants is possible until 31.03.2023 are possible with 90% refund of contribution.
Cancellation by participants between 01.04.2023 and 30.04.2023 are possible with 50% refund of contribution.
Cancellation by participants between 01.05.2023 and 11.05.2023 are possible with 10% refund of contribution.
After 11.05.2023 we will not refund contribution. All money transfer expenses are paid by participants.
It is possible to receive the full costs upon agreement with the organizers and find a replacement by a participant in accordance with the current guidelines on the balance of roles at the event.