Single tickets

Industrial interiors of a former coal mine buildings, the raw atmosphere filled with an electric tango, closeness and intimacy of embraces.

Registration is closed, but…
You can still join us!

You can buy tickets for every single milongas right before entering.
NOTE 1: Milonga tickets are available ONLY for couples and solo leaders.
The balance of the roles is important to us.
So, Dear Followers… Please- bring a leader with you. Thank you!
NOTE 2: We accept payment for tickets IN CASH ONLY!
NOTE 3: Breakfast milongas are FREE. 🙂 (In case of the rainy weather milonga will be canceled.)

Photo by Tango Photography / m.frames

Single milongas tickets

Saturday / Sunday:  Breakfast Milonga
Friday / Saturday / Sunday:  Afternoon Milonga
19 €
Thursday:  Evening Opening Milonga with the performance!
28 €
Friday:  Evening Milonga with the performance!
33 €
Saturday:  Evening Milonga with performances & live music!
38 €
Sunday:  Evening Double Underground Milonga with the Maestros Ronda!
33 €