Spectacle in the Teatr Nowy

The fiery tango will visit the stage of the Nowy Teatr again!

After last year’s success, the Bandonegro returns to Zabrze with the new energy!
The concert performed by young Polish musicians who shine on the international arena will be graced with performances by world-famous dancers from Argentina, Uruguay and Turkey!




Is tango really a lovers’ quarrel? Or maybe longing for love imbued with a nostalgia and a delicacy?
There are many myths around tango. One thing is for sure – it will be touching and beautiful.
We cordially invite you to a show with live music and tango performances!


TEATR NOWY, ZABRZE, 28.05.2023, 19:00




Michał Główka– bandoneon / accordion
Jakub Czechowicz- violin
Marek Dolecki- piano
Marcin Antkowiak- double bass

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Photo by Tango Photography / m.frames


Stefanía Colina & Juan Martín Carrara

Ones of the legendary couples of Argentine Tango. They owe their fame and uniqueness to an elegance, sensuality and musicality.
They dance with great respect for a tradition and music, and at the same time they work on new forms of expression and their own development.

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Photo from Stefania & Juan’s sorces

üge Üner & Selçuk Atalay

Tango masters from Turkey. Selçuk is a graduate of the Contemporary Dance School and he’s a choreographer, and Müge has been regularly training classical dance techniques and ballet for many years.
Born to be on stage. Extremely precise, fast, committed. Their shows are a small spectacles.

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Photo by Tango Photography / m.frames

an Terrazas & Sara Grdan

Ivan comes from a multi-generational family of artists. Sara has been involved in dance since a childhood. met in New York City and have dedicated themselves with passion and intensity to Argentine Tango. Trained primarily by many eminent Maestros, they became one of the youngest and most recognizable Argentine tango teachers in the world.
Ivan and Sara are festival and workshop favourites. They respect tradition, but they are not afraid to experiment with tango and you can also see them dance their shows to the music of, for example, Metallica or Eminem.

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Photo by Tango Photography / m.frames

Joanna Jabłońska & Piotr Bochiński

Asia & Piotr are this year Guest Stars of May Tango Festival! They are inspired by different styles of tango and the techniques behind them. They draw from them primarily what builds communication in a couple and affects aesthetics and musicality. For Piotr, aikido, for Joanna – contact improvisation are auxiliary areas for in-depth inquiries into the foundations of the mechanics of human movement and the physical side of the body-body relationship. We can see the reflections of these inquiries in their dance and tango philosophy.

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Photo from Joanna & Piotr’s sources



Price: 25 €

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* Tickets purchased at the theater box office can be paid ONLY in cash.

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