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Majowa Szkoła Tańca and Majowa Tango Festival

Long, long time ago, there was Majowa Szkoła Tańca. There were people there with a passion that prevented them from living a life of supposedly normal people.

That’s the story of May Tango Festival in short. The event erected from the admiration for tango. Made of it and for it. We happy to gather fans of tango in our silesian tango motherland.

May Tango Festival is about, above all, the atmosphere, emotions and people. Here everyone feels like home. Here we want to share a simile and joy of dancing with everyone. These are the ingredients of our Festival. Because that’s what we want to give to you, our Dear Guests.

May Tango Festival

A place
to share
our passion

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Maja Kucharska May Tango Festival Zabrze Poland

Festival organizer

Maja Kucharska

Founder of the Majowa Szkoła Tańca, originator and director of May Tango Festival. For a few years now, despite all the obstacles, she consistently build the tango community in Silesia.

She gathers people with passion and infects them with the love for tango. Her priority is to make Zabrze a place, which resembles a warm and open tango community.

For a few years, she organize workshops with Maestros from all over Poland as well as the worlds.
Ph: Tango Photography / m.frames

Yuliia Balkova

Her adventure with tango began more than six years ago in Kharkov, Ukraine. When she moved to Poland to pursue her academic career, she was enthralled by the tango community here, and is now proud to be a part of it. So she joined the organizing team of the May Tango Festival in 2021, so she can create an amazing tango space and share her passion with friends from Poland and abroad.
Ph: Tango Photography / m.frames

Magda Woźniak

She has been associated with the MTF since its very beginnings. She keeps an eye on the graphic face of the festival, and above all, she is a brainstorming partner, artistic support and consultant for most festival ideas and concepts. In short- a perfect advisor! She co-organized the initial editions of the festival, and became the main photographer of the event from 2021.
Ph: Sona Komarkova


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