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Beata Darkowicz

Beata Darkowicz at May Tango Festival

For her, dance and music are tools for getting to know other people, creating a story without words, in which sounds, rhythm and melody can be painted with the body. DJing is the result of musical exploration in the need to express dance emotions. As a woman, she has a penchant for lyrical melodies, but her alter ego serves an explosive mixture and likes to surprise musically. In the richness of tango music she finds the beauty of emotions and the pleasure of being embraced, and in alternative music she finds energy and an unrestrained kaleidoscope of expression – that’s why she likes to mix these styles. Her greatest joy comes from the smiles of the dancers. She likes to watch what is happening on the dance floor and draws energy from there to play, often she cannot stand the controls of the music equipment and gets carried away to dance.

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