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Karolina Topór

Karolina Topór at May Tango Festival

I loved Tango from the very first milonga. It fascinates me how many layers and interpretations are hidden there. First I knew tango through dancing and as a tanguera I feel really myself. By becoming an organizer of a milonga La Cariñosa in Katowice I knew tango from a different side, as a TDj, which was both a challenge and an adventure to me.

As a TDj mainly I reach for tangos from The Golden Era. My favourite orchestras are D’Arienzo, Pugliese and Troilo. However I also love pieces that delight me with one specific element, either with a singer or instruments in the orchestra. I continously discover how many human histories tango encloses.

Andrea Uchitel, who recently has written a book about tango embrace, says that “in tango by embracing your partner you embrace also the music that is inside of him/her”. That’s why in milongas I would like dancers to be able to find pieces of themselves, their music in the histories hidden in tangos.

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