Ivan Terrazas & Sara Grdan

Argentina | Croatia

Ivan Terrazas & Sara Grdan

Ivan Terrazas & Sara Grdan at May Tango Festival

Ivan Terrazas hails from Mendoza, Argentina, where, at the age of 12, he began his artistic career as a soloist. From his parents, Eduardo Terrazas and Beatriz Herrera, he learned Malambo and other forms of Argentine folk, as well as classical ballet and Argentine tango. After arriving in the United States, Ivan added salsa and tap to his repertoire.

Mobile from an early age, SARA studied regional folk dances and classical ballet in Zagreb, Croatia. Her passion for Argentine tango was born in the late 1990s at a milonga, which led to learning Argentine culture.

Ivan and Sara met in New York and devoted all their passion and energy to Argentine tango. After teaching Diego DiFalco, Pablo Pugliese and Natalia Hills, as well as being influenced by Jorge Torres, Roberto Herrera, Guillermina Quiroga, Gabriel Misse, Carlitos Perez and Raul Bravo, they became some of the youngest and most recognized Argentine tango teachers in the world.

As teachers, they have developed a modern methodology for teaching traditional tango. Their goal as instructors is to firmly root the fundamentals by emphasizing technique, an analytical approach, logic and a relaxed and natural attitude in both close and open embrace. Ivan and Sara encourage students to seek understanding, exquisite movements, creative expression and a sense of music to make their dance unique to the two of them.

After spending seven years in the United States and Argentina, Ivan and Sara are now living in Europe. Being members of the prestigious organization “Tangueros del Sur” led by Natalia Hills, they have performed with “Tangox2”, “Miquel Zotto in Concert” led by Miguel Angel Zotto, “Obsession Tango” led by Tamara Bisceglia and “Comania Roberto Herrera” led by Roberto Herrera.

Ivan and Sara are favorites of festival and workshop participants. They have performed, among others, at the Belgrade Tango Encuentro, the Sultans Tango Festival in Istanbul, the Perugia Tango Festival and the Puerto Rico Internation Tango Festival.

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