Lorena Gonzalez Cattaneo & Gaston Camejo


Lorena Gonzalez Cattaneo & Gaston Camejo

Lorena Gonzalez Cattaneo & Gaston Camejo at May Tango Festival

Since 2015, Lorena Gonzalez Cattaneo & Gaston Camejo have been pursuing their artistic path together. They perform and teach in the United States, Asia and Europe. In November 2018 and in May 2019 and 2022 they visited Poland, giving shows and lessons in Zabrze. They owe their fame and uniqueness to elegance,
sensuality and musicality. They dance with great respect for tradition and music, and at the same time work on new forms of expression and their own development. They are also known for their effective and engaging teaching method, which allows you to hear and feel what is most elusive in tango.
They constantly strike to accomplish a tango that does not just refer to its technical side, but that conveys artistic achievement beyond the movement.


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Gastón Camejo

Dancer, teacher of Tango and Folklore, professionally dedicated to Tango as a cultural and artistic expression. In permanent search and study of new techniques and expressions for the development of a better dance and teaching tools.
He studied Folkloric Dances in Criolla Las Piedras (Canelones'Uruguay), in 2001 he began his studies of Tango in Canelones ,Montevideo and some time later in Buenos Aires, deepening his knowledge of dance, musicality and history of tango.
He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of the Republic of Uruguay, always being a lover of the investigation of the mechanics of movement, which have added to the understanding and development of tools for learning in conjunction with the sensations necessary for dance.


In 2002he joined the Uruguayan National Folkloric Ballet as a stable dancer, touring stages and festivals in Uruguay as in different South American countries. Obtaining the 2nd place in Laborde Argentina for "Best international folk group" Dancer and Co-Director of the Uruguayan Balletango Company
Since 2004 already in Buenos Aires he started to develop his career as a dancer and teacher. There he has been part of the staff of teachers of schools, such as the Mario Morales Studio, the Argentine Tango School (later the World TangoSchool), the Berretin Art Space, the National TangoAcademy, and the Lubiz-Spitel Studio.
Since 2015 Partner of Tango of Lorena Gonzalez (World Tango Champion 2014). I also developed my artistic career internationally, since then I have been a teacher and dancer in tango schools and festivals in countries in Europe, America and Asia.

2016 – 2017
Co Creator and organizer of the tango festival, Sed de Campeones


Lorena Gonzales Cattaneo – 2014 Tango pista world champion

Lover of dance and art, especially tango as a cultural expression. Incessant seeker of new forms in dance that allow me to expand my body vocabulary and artistic expression, but also have more and more tools to develop my passion for teaching.
Lorena studied jazz dance, flamenco, salsa, belly dance teacher at the "Nur al Amar" School (Montevideo), in 2006 she began her Tango studies in Montevideo and a short time later in Buenos Aires, deepening her knowledge of dance musicality and history of tango.
She studied Psychology at "Universidad Católica del Uruguay", acquiring knowledge of psychology and psychopedagogy thathave been useful for the development of teaching practice in dance.
With a background as a dancer in musicals and "Teatro de Revista", for 6 years she was a dancer in iconic Tango places in Uruguay and taught tango and other dance classes in Montevideo before settling in Buenos Aires.
Since 2012 she developed her career as a dancer and teacher for 12 years. There she has been part of the staff of teachers of schools, such as "Estudio Mario Morales", "Escuela Argentina de Tango" (later "Escuela Mundial de Tango"), "Berretin Espacio de Arte", "Academia Nacional de Tango", "Estudio Lubiz-Spitel".She also developed her artistic career at an international level, since then she has been a teacher and dancer at tango schools and festivals in countries of Europe, America and Asia.
Co-Creator and organizer of Sed de Campeones Tango Festival.
Creator, organizer and teacher in practica and now also online tango school, Mujeres.