Müge Üner & Selçuk Atalay


Müge Üner & Selçuk Atalay

Müge Üner & Selçuk Atalay: Magic from Turkey

Selçuk is a graduate of the Contemporary Dance School, and Müge has been training regularly in classical dance techniques and ballet for many years. Müge and Selçuk first met more than six years ago, when they became partners for the Argentine Tango Championship.
Since then, they have formed a dance and instructor couple, participating in numerous festivals, workshops, competitions and championships. They have worked with many well-known tango artists over the years.
They are also instructors at many dance schools in Istanbul: Academia del Tango Istanbul, Rüya Sahne, Türkan Bulut Dans Akademi. They also teach tango at three universities in Istanbul.


IDO Couple Dance Competition 2018 Tango Escenario and Waltz – First place.
IDO Couple Dance Competition 2019 Tango Escenario – First place.
Mundial Baile European Tango Championship 2017- Finalists.
Mundial Baile Championship Istanbul 2018 – Second Place.
Turkey Championship:
– 2015-2016 – First Place
– 2016-2017 – First place
– 2017-2018 – First place

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