Stefanía Colina & Juan Martín Carrara


Stefanía Colina & Juan Martín Carrara

Stefanía Colina & Juan Martín Carrara at May Tango Festival 2023

Stefania Colina began her career as a ballerina and modern dancer at the age of 4 at the “Orlama” School.
She graduated at the age of 17 and after 13 years of intensive training became a teacher at this school. During this time she had the opportunity to learn many other dance styles, which were taught as a complement to ballet, and that’s how she met tango and Juan Martín.

Juan Martín Carrara began dancing at the age of 13 as a ballet and modern dancer and musical comedy actor. At the age of 16, he entered the National Dance Academy of Uruguay and was selected for the “Young Ballet,” touring all the theaters of the region as a performer of modern and classical ballet. After a few years, he came into contact with tango, also met Stefania, and from that day on, a passionate, life-changing story began for both of them.

Together they left everything they had in Uruguay and almost immediately moved to Buenos Aires with nothing but an intense desire to dance and teach tango.
After several years of hard work to improve their level and knowledge, they won the “Intercontinental Championship” in 2009 and the Uruguayan Tango Championship in 2012.

Since then, Stefanía and Juan Martín have been teaching and dancing all over the world. They regularly perform at Buenos Aires milongas with such prestigious orchestras as “Color Tango,” “Los Reyes del Tango,” “Orquestra Sans Souci” and “Orquestra Mariano Mores.” In recent years, they have been featured at major festivals and events in Europe, America and Asia.

They owe their fame and uniqueness to their elegance, sensuality and musicality. They dance with great respect for tradition and music, while working on new forms of expression and their own development.
They are also known for their effective and engaging teaching method, which allows you to hear and feel what is most intangible in tango.

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